canstockphoto11821120History is written with facts and the facts define us. Our story begins more than a decade ago when we followed an idea. We translated it into a business plan and added a lot of work. We have implemented everything we knew about the funding and we chose the best team. These ingredients have created the perfect environment to help us to think freely, to be creative, because we successfully apply the concept of leasing creativeTM. We have analyzed and understood the requirements of each project and identified the best financing options. This is creative leasing and we really implement it successfully!

We assumed an important role in terms of formation of the leasing market in Romania by implementing high quality standards and especially we participating to the education of the final customer. We have been supporters of legislative regulations in the field by our active participation in the sessions supported by ASCR (Association of Leasing Companies of Romania) completed with the inclusion of leasing companies in the category: non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), under the supervision of the National Bank of Romania. Trainers of the leasing market in Romania, we have maintained the quality of the services regardless of how much increased portfolio.

You have to dream, and we transform dreams into reality. Because we can give value to the finance.


Creative LeasingTM  is a registered trademark of Capital Leasing IFN SA and cannot be used without its written consent.