Issuing of Guarantees

[ File # csp9737114, License # 2140524 ]Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( Can Stock Photo Inc. / scanrailLetter of Guarantee is a written document by which we, as funders, are committing, irrevocably that if our customer (the principal debtor) will not pay on term a specifically indicated amount in this document, to pay the subrogation, directly and unconditionally to the beneficiary account.

Through this it is taken the payment obligation for the event that the guarantee does not fulfilled its contractual obligation, without reference to facts.

We can deliver any type of guarantee letter, employed or unemployed, for any type of business (bail, import/export operations by documentation type of LC/ collection, good performance, payment provider, attending auctions and so on).

We understand your business, this being the reason for we identify the best financing options, cash or non-cash, so that your cash flows to be relaxed, to avoid immobilization of large funds or accelerate revenues.