Financial Leasing

The dreams can come true. You just have to have courage. And trust in what we’re doing together.

Our financial leasing offer can ensure you success or it can change your lifestyle. Whether you are an individual or juridical person, whether you want a single car or an entire fleet, whether you want a boat or farm equipment, we have financial solutions so that they become yours. With a little advance and smaller monthly installments, you are going with us forward.


canstock1401769modificataYou set up a business and you need a car or even an entire fleet? Or maybe you want to renew the fleet. It is very good. We have solutions at hand and very practical.
Capital LEASING offers a very quick financial product to a wide range of new or used vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles, construction vehicles), of internal or external origin. Depending on the needs, you choose your desired vehicle and Capital LEASING quickly draws the leasing offer personalized, according to your choices and requirements.
By our leasing offer you have the possibility to effectively use the financial resources of your company and to benefit by a flexible payment system and advantageous management of the fees.


Leasing Echipamente

Even the little things make the difference. You want to use the latest technology and the most advanced equipment? We have the solution, regardless of your field. Agricultural equipment, medical or renewable energy field are just a few examples in which we can help you with a financial offer that meets your need.

You use seasonal equipment? There is no problem! Now we can take over the financial pressing. All you have to do is to take care of your business.




Real Estate

Leasing Imobile

We get into Real Estate leasing market with a specific purpose: to support innovative projects adapting ourselves to the particular needs of each customer. Over time, the real estate leasing complex structures that we implemented, helped us to impose ourselves on the real estate market as a dynamic player, establishing partnerships with many developers, but also with various investors in a wide range of areas.

Factories or industrial buildings, shopping centers, office buildings and logistics centers aren’t long ago hard to achieve goals for us and for our customers. Because we have effective alternatives to grant funding, because we offer consultancy with practical solutions and we provide economic and financial flexibility. Here are just some of the specialized services designed to minimize potential risks: legal and tax consultancy regarding real estate leasing transactions, technical advice on buying real estate, insurance services.