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Stages of the leasing contract

etapele derulariiChoosing of the good

Depending on your needs, you can decide both on the characteristics of the good and the supplier. All details regarding the nature of the good (price, technical details in connection with the delivery, installation conditions and putting into operation, for equipment) will be negotiated directly with the supplier chosen by the user.

Obtaining the preliminary offer

Capital LEASING prepares the preliminary offer to the financing process based on customer prices negotiated and agreed with the supplier. The offer includes the amount of advance payment, leasing installments, insurance etc. Financial analysis is founded on the financial and legal documents submitted by the customer and requested by Capital LEASING.

The final offer is subject to change, depending on the class of financial performance that will fit the company.

Analysis and approval of leasing request

The analysis of the leasing file is made in a time of 48 hours after submission of all required documents. The 48 hours may be exceeded only in exceptional cases or considering that the funding request refers to a large project and must be obtained from the applicant additional information.

Signing of the contract for sale – buy

In case of the approval of the funding, there will be signed a contract of sale – buy between the three involved parties: Buyer, User and Seller. This document will cover all aspects regarding the good that follows to be financed, its warranty, delivery terms, amounts and payment terms etc.

Signing of the leasing contract

Capital LEASING will prepare the leasing contract together with its annexes, according to the negotiation with the user, but which is containing specific clauses to our company policy regarding the modality to pay the leasing installments, the insurance of the goods purchased. Contract with its annexes shall be signed by all parties.

Insuring of the good

The good which is object of the leasing contract will be insured by Capital LEASING, throughout the term of the leasing, to an insurance company agreed by the financing bank, but with agreement of the User. All payments related to the insurance of good are in the user’s account.

Delivery of the good

The delivery of the good is made according to the conditions agreed under the Contract of Sale-Buy.

Execution of the Leasing Contract

During the entire period of the leasing contract Capital LEASING team will provide you consultancy and assistance regarding:

  • logistic issues: taxes, car registration, pollution fee;
  • pursuing the collection of leasing installments;
  • closing the contract in advance calculations / the novation of the contract;
  • preparation of claim file;
  • necessary formalities for traveling outside Romania – power of attorney, green card etc;
  • pursuing the collection of insurance installments;
  • miscellaneous clarifications.

Customer Service

canstockphoto11147623Update customer data

In order to our contractual relationship to work better is recommended that whenever changes occur in your data, to communicate us in writing, such as: any changes related to your head office, mail delivery address, email address, contact person, phone number.
You have the obligation to communicate us any changes of the articles of incorporation, company name, legal form, tax, legal representatives or administrator, within 7 days after registration of amendments to the Trade Register.
Any change regarding the use destination of the financed good will be announced in writing by user to Customer Service Department.

Invoices, payments, notifications

The invoices are issued monthly and will be paid until the due date, unless is otherwise agreed by the leasing contract in force.
The invoices will be sent according to your request by e-mail, fax, courier, but also through mobile SMS containing their primary data.
The payment of the amounts due by the user can be made by wire transfer to the account specified on the invoice or by any other legal way of payment (cash, promissory notes, CEC)
In case of exceeding the agreed payment term, Capital LEASING can opt for the transmission of electronic payment notifications (email, sms, fax) or by post to the registered office or other address specified by you for your correspondence.

For any further details on billing, payments, notifications, change of contact etc., please contact our Customer Service Department.

Early Closure of the Contract

The advance payment, total or partial, but not earlier than 12 months from the date of signing of the leasing contract, it is possible only with the written consent of Capital LEASING, after a written request was sent by you in this respect. The address letter should be signed and stamped by the legal representative and submitted for approval.


logisticaThe vehicle documents

If the documents or registration number of the vehicle are damaged, lost or stolen, please send us, within 24 h, a written request for issuance of a duplicate, together with a statement on own responsibility of the person responsible and a copy of ID document.
Aslo, you have to go to the Police Station, within whose jurisdiction the event happened, in order to declare the theft of plate / plates or documents.
Following to the declaration of theft, you will take possession of an evidence / certificate valid for a period of 30 days.

Road Tax (Rovigneta)

The payment obligation of the Road Tax is in the user’s account. The document to be submitted for the issuance of the vignette is the registration certificate or the identity card of the vehicle.
Road Tax (Rovigneta) can be purchased at the offices belonging to the Romanian Post, fuel distribution stations, subunits belonging CNADNR.

Periodical Technical Inspection- PTI

Periodical Technical Inspection will be performed at one of the authorized service stations R.A.R., in your locality. The term allowed for Periodical Technical Inspection is written on the registration certificate, on the last page of it. To make the PTI you will need, from our side, a copy of the identity card of the car, signed and stamped “according to the original”.

Modification of the technical characteristics of the vehicle

Please send a written request in attention to Logistics Department, in order to obtain the Capital LEASING agreement regarding the wanted changes of the vehicle.
In order to modify the technical characteristics of the vehicle, you must follow the steps below:

  • you obtain a RAR appointment in your locality, where you shall perform the homologation (approval) of the vehicle;
  • you will request in written form the issuance of a mandate and the vehicle identity card in original, from Capital LEASING;
  • subsequently, you will send on our company address, the identity card (original) and the registration certificate (original) in order to make the related amendments to it;
  • Capital LEASING will change the registration certificate in accordance with the identity card.

The default of auto assembly homologation entails fines in accordance with regulations in force!

Technical Review

Please note that the revisions and maintenance of the vehicle are your responsibility, according to the maintenance log.


Foto_1_Capital_FleetIf you will be involved in an event and your car will be damaged, you must follow the steps below:

  • to take the necessary measures in order to limit the damages, to ensure the security of the vehicle or its left component parts;
  • if, guilty of the accident is the driver of another vehicle, you must request him a copy of the MTPL (RCA)policy issued for the respective vehicle, which has to be valid at the time of the event, a copy of his driving license, identity card and vehicle certificate;
  • in case the vehicle repair is made on MTPL (RCA) policy of the person responsible for the accident, it is advisable to go to the Insurer both drivers, the one at fault the accident and the damaged one being advisable to take pictures of both cars at the accident place;
  • in case you settle by common agreement the guilty with the party involved in the event, you have to complete with him the form of Amicable Accident;
  • in case you do not have at hand this form, you can request it from any branch of any insurer authorized to issue MTPL (RCA)policies;
  • If the event involved three or more vehicles or the event has as a result bodily injury, you have to address to the Romanian Police so that to issue permits repair of the vehicle or an official report of the event produced;
  • if guilty of the accident is an unknown author, you have to contact the Police Station within whose jurisdiction the event occurred in order to release you the necessary evidence to complete the claim file, the repair following to be made directly on CASCO policy.

In case of total or partial theft

You have to go to the Police Station in whose jurisdiction the event occurred, within 24 hours of becoming aware of its occurrence. Romanian Police will issue within 30 days, if partial theft and 60 days, if total theft, an address regarding the reclaiming stolen.

The events must be notified to:

  • Capital LEASING  – within 24 hours after the event occurred in order to get a copy of the CASCO insurance, if you are not already in its possession, and an empowerment of Capital LEASING for opening the claim file.
  • Insurance Company – to make finding and opening the claim file (within 24 hours of the event).

To make finding you must present to the insurance company the following documents:

  • copy of CASCO insurance or the MTPL (RCA) of the responsible person for the accident;
  • certificate of the car having the PTI (ITP) valid at the time of the event;
  • empowerment issued by Capital LEASING;
  • copy of driver’s license of the person driving the vehicle;
  • copy of the identity card of the person driving the vehicle;
  • documents issued by the Police or the form of amicable accident;
  • other documents proving additional expenses made in case of accident (car transport expenses incurred from the accident place to the nearest service).


The repairs, is recommended to be done in a service approved by the insurer, which has direct settlement Convention with the Insurer.
After repair, the vehicle can be taken from the service unit, but only after the insurance company is sending its payment consent to the service (when the car was repaired in a direct settlement service).
If you choose to repair your vehicle in a service that has no direct settlement with the insurer, you can pick up your car after you have paid for the repairs or after the insurer has paid the repair to the service (within 15 days from the submission of the last document at the claim file). In this case, you have to submit to the claim file the invoice issued by the service, the compensation request filled out with the amount mentioned on the invoice, signed and stamped by Capital LEASING, the service account or yours, if you paid for the repair, bill payment proof .

The claim file

Must contain the following documents:

  • the compensation request from the insurance company – signed and stamped by Capital LEASING;
  • for vehicle theft, the original certificate issued by Police regarding the reclaiming of theft (after 30 days, in case of partial theft and 60 days, in case of total theft, will be issued a different address confirming that the vehicle or the stolen items were not found);
  • other documents required by the Insurer.

If the Insurer declares the car “total damage”, this resolution is communicated by the Insurer directly to Capital LEASING.
In the period between the time of the event and complete claim file, you have the obligation to pay the leasing installments according to the schedule of payments. When the Insurer will pay the compensation, no invoices and deductions will be issued.


In case of theft of the vehicle, you must submit to the Insurer the registration certificate or authorization of circulation in original, all keys and remotes of the car and also, the original ID card of the vehicle.

If these conditions are not fulfilled, the result is the rejection and exclusion from payment of the claim file.

Loss of the liability insurance policy auto (MTPL/RCA

After you become aware of MTPL loss, please send to our insurance department a written request for issuing of a duplicate of the policy. The request must include the vehicle identification series subject to MTPL and how you want to be sent to you the duplicate.

For any details regarding the insurance of the goods, objects of the contract, the claim files or power of attorney for leaving the country, please contact the Insurance Department.

Travel abroad

canstockphoto7391225If you want to travel abroad with the vehicle financed by Capital LEASING , you have to ask for a power of attorney to leave the country. The power of attorney will be issued based on a request from your side, which has to be sent to us at least 3 working days prior to the date you want to leave Romania, containing the following information: name of authorized person of the company, vehicle identification data, destination, period of movement, a copy of the passport / identity card of authorized person and has to be signed and stamped by the company’s administrator.

Issuance of the power of attorney is made only if the vehicle is provided by external liability, concluded to the same insurer where you have insured the vehicle against the risk of damage. If liability policy is provided by another insurance company, it will be issued a supplement for external damage and theft, the payment of premium for additional insurance being in your account.

In case you want to modify your vehicle

Please send a request in written form, to attention to Logistics Department, in order to obtain the Capital LEASING agreement regarding the wanted changes of the vehicle. Machinery, equipment, additional facilities are not covered by the insurance policy. To insure them it is necessary to send us the purchase and installation / modification invoice!

Based on these documents and risk inspection (pictures) made by the Insurance Department, it will be issued an insurance supplement on whose basis the additional equipment will be insured in case of partial or total damage / theft, which will be paid by the user.