Social Responsibility

rbls3Capital LEASING sustains economic empowerment and financial inclusion of low and middle-income people from the communities in which it operates, having the intention to help the socially disadvantaged people in order to gain financial independence. In this respect, we closely co-operate with a significant number of partners in the organizations and foundations area so that to develop projects that will improve their standard of living in civil society.

In all our activities, we support leadership and learning, valuing our resources, expertise, products and people in a joint effort. It is more than philanthropy, which involves active collaboration with social partners, development of volunteer programs based on the expertise of our employees.

ventureconnect-300x270We focus our efforts to help beneficiaries of social responsibility projects by:

  • Education and financial development – supporting adults and young people with low and middle income in gaining of some financial stability by increasing and maintaining their financial assets.
  • Micro-finance – facilitates the access for people with low and middle income to financial products that can improve and accelerate their financial inclusion.
  • Micro-enterprise development – increasing the number of SMEs (small and mediums enterprises) that provide income and employment opportunities for people with low and middle income.