“How you can catch up the lost leasing” – Wall Street Interview

Article published by Marius Stanciu


“From the beginning of the financial crisis were not a few the cases where a customer of a leasing company could not pay on short-term the installments for an asset purchased through leasing. Failure to pay the installments entails the obligation to return the good to the financier, although it was probably used for current activities or for growing of a business. Find out how you can recover a good after cancellation of the financial leasing contract. “


“Regarding the contracts that are in progress, deferred payment installments is a facility offered by financier, specially to the customers who have proven over time a good behavior in terms of payment, but now encounter problems occurred due to the current economic environment . To do this, Viorel Nica, General Manager of Capital Leasing, told us that the … Full article