Our history

History is made by doing and the act of doing defines us.

It is more than a decade since our very first beginning, when we followed an idea. Then, we have turned it into a business plan and we have added a lot of work. We have implemented all our knowledge in terms of financing and we have chosen the best of teams. These excellent ingredients have created thus the ideal supportive environment for being open-minded, creative, as we successfully apply the concept of creative leasingTM. For every project, we have analyzed and understood its requirements, which served to the identification of the best financing option.

This is the creative leasing and we really implement it successfully!
We have assumed a tremendous role in building up the leasing market in Romania by implementing some high quality standards and especially by taking part in the education of the final client. We have sustained the legal regulations on this activity area through our active participation within the ASLR (Romanian Association of Leasing Companies) sessions achieved by including the leasing companies in the category: non-bank financial institutions (NBFI), under the close supervision of the National Bank of Romania. Makers of the leasing market in Romania, we have preserved our service quality no matter how greater the portfolio has become.

You shall dream, while we make your dreams come true. Because we can give value to finances.