Financial Services

Our financial leasing offer may assure your success or may change your lifestyle. Whether you are a natural or a legal person, no matter if you want a single car or a fleet, a boat or agricultural equipment, we have the financial solutions so that your wish turns into reality. With a small deposit and even smaller monthly installments, you go forward with us.

Is your business core based on selling some qualitative products and do you want to optimize your financial flows? You can find comfort in our programs of financing commercial transactions that may bring you a lot of advantages: solutions for your problems concerning the immediate liquidation, developing your consumers' loyalty by directly offering them credits on acquisition, by using a complex IT platform made available to you.

The letter of guarantee is a written document by which us, as financial backers, irreversibly commit ourselves, if our client (the main debtor) fails to pay by the due date an amount expressly indicated in the respective document, to pay by subrogation, directly and unconditionally to the beneficiary's account.